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Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting 'fit-er"

On Saturdays my husband and I skip the gym. We need a day to sleep in and rest. I still try to get in a little exercise, so I climbed on the treadmill for what I expected to be my usual 30 minute walk. But, for kicks, I decided to see how long I could jog on the treadmill...and was shocked when I was able to do 25 minutes of actual jogging at a 4.0 speed. I was able to do 20 minutes yesterday (Sunday) and I certainly feel it in my legs this morning. But, it's a good feeling.

I feel stronger every day. I tried for years to tell myself I didn't need exercise...I was wrong...

I'm hoping that by next spring I can run 5K race. That's going to be my new goal. Whodathunkit???

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