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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weight Watcher Wednesday - Week 50

Well...I seem to have lost my "mojo". This cold weather is getting me down. I still exercise daily...but I was so hungry last week. I didn't splurge on anything 'sinful'...just ate more of what I usually eat and that resulted in another gain.

But, I've regrouped (as they say) and feel as though I'm back on track. My life is back on schedule and I hope that will make the difference. It's hard enough to lose I have an extra 3+ lbs to lose again!

I'm not discouraged..I've come too far.

This week's loss is another gain
+1. lb

Look out next week though...some of that will be gone!

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  1. Hey Joanne, thanks for that wonderful advice about "no dessert"! Ya know... I really think you're right! I'll ammend those resolutions for sure. I have a terrible sweet tooth, and the best idea is probably to find reasonable compromises like the jello you talked about, or some skinny cow ice cream. Thank you for the thoughtful advice!! I so appreciate it!! BTW - I just LOVE looking at your side bar with all of those MINUSES in it!! All of the weeks that you lost weight, good for you!! What an inspiration!