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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Reward for 45 lbs lost

Okay, so, I don't hesitate to get that reward as soon as I earn it. I feel like a 5 year old sometimes cuz I can't wait to get the next gift card!

I decided on Macy's after I went this weekend and found some really nice sweaters and shirts that I'd love. (I will buy a few for winter since I have NO winter clothes...remember, I gave it all away in March/April plus it would be too big now. YIPEE!)

I even bought some smaller T-shirts that I will be able to wear next summer. I love end of season clearance sales. Beautiful T-shirts for $ could I pass that up??

Actually...I bought 2 T-shirts in medium for next summer. When I got home I tried them on and realized they fit perfectly. They must be a "big" medium...but who cares...they are still MEDIUM! So, when I went back and bought 3 more shirts for next year in SMALL... I figure WHEN I lose the rest of my weight, ..35 lbs more...I should easily fit into these T-shirts. I had always dreamed of being a "medium"...can't even imagine fitting into something that says "SMALL"!!! Life is good!

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