My Progress

Monday, August 3, 2009

They fit...they fit!

Back in very early spring I bought a pair of size 16 khaki pants from LL Bean (can't pass a sale! $12.95). I tried them on every month to measure my progress. I had hoped to wear them by the 4th of July...but no such luck.

Yesterday, I tried them again...and they fit GREAT! They just need to be hemmed a little. Even though they are 16 petite...they are still about 1.5 inches too long! (In my next life, I'm going to be taller and naturally thin! hey, I can dream!!)

So, just for kicks I tried on the size 14 jeans I also bought from LL Bean....and much to my amazement they fit BETTER than the size 16 khakis. I think it's the STRETCH in the denim...but who cares...they are a size 14 and they FIT!! Of course, it's much too hot to wear them right now, but by September when the weather cools down they will be PERFECT!

I broke down and bought a pair of GREEN capris this weekend. I have never owned anything but black or navy pants or jeans (the fat girl uniform pants, as I call them). I have never ever even considered buying green pants...but these are so nice (size 16 and loose...but the 14's were a little stretch in this fabric.) I've been living in 3 pairs of capris and 1 pair of shorts this summer. The capris are getting very 'roomy'...but summer is almost over and I can get through with those.

So...then for more of my entertaining pleasure, I tried on two pairs of size 12 pants that my sister gave me. She's also a WW member, and has lost almost 20 lbs..and these pants are too big for her now. I was shocked...I can get them on and zip them. They are snug...but I'm just in shock that I could actually zip them...and no I didn't have to lay down and use pliers to pull up the zipper. I had no problem zipping them...gotta LOVE fabrics with a little a s t r e t c h!

It was fun playing 'dress up'...even if no one else was around to celebrate with me. I was giddy staring at myself in the mirror. I'm actually starting to FEEL thinner... and it feels super!!


  1. Joanne -

    Your posted popped up today here in Freeport. Just wanted to say "congratulations" on a job well done. This was an inspiring post.

    Steve Fuller
    Chief Marketing Officer

  2. Joanne, WOW girl, congrats on the loss and size 14, WHOOOHOOO!!!!! I'm so happy for you, you are really inspiring me!