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Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well, just like a kid, I need rewards to keep me motivated....even if that means rewarding myself! So, I've decided that for every 5 lbs. I lose, I will buy myself a $20.00 gift card to a clothing store. I have always loved the styles at Coldwater Creek, so I decided that was a good choice because they do not carry larger if I don't lose the weight, I'll have to buy things for other people - and frankly, that ain't happening!! When I get to my goal weight that will give me $300 worth of gift cards...enough for a few new outfits. I can add my 'reward' to the same giftcard, so I won't end up with numerous cards worth $20. each. I think I spent 20 minutes picking the 'perfect' design...I love the look of the dragonfly, so I went with that one.

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  1. WOW I think that is a wonderful reward! Think of all the money you will have to spend on all those new sexy skinny clothes! You go girl!! :)