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Friday, March 27, 2009


I look for foods that are high in fiber. The point value is less with foods that have a higher fiber content. Some people are bothered by high fiber diets, however, I seem to have an iron stomach. Nothing bothers me. (I got that from my Dad...even at 83 years of age, he can eat anything!! Thanks Dad...I forgive you for being responsible for the genes that gave me WIDE feet!)

After trying several different fiber bars, these rank as some of my favorites. They have a 2 point value...and taste super! I don't necessarily have one every day, but it's a nice treat when I crave something 'sweet'. I found them at Wal-Mart for $1.88 for a box of 5...not a bad deal! Plus, there is a coupon worth $1.00 off 2 boxes printed on the back of the box.

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