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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday...Mother's Day, May 10

Well, despite my best efforts to apply points to yesterday's wonderful lunch at Anthony's Pier 4 in Boston..I'm not sure I can do it accurately.

Lunch consisted of:

  • Frozen strawberry daiquiri (which I shared with my daughter Samantha...and yes she is over 21)
  • Broiled bay scallops (heavenly!)
  • baked potato (no sour cream or butter)
  • Popover (steaming hot...mmm)
  • 1/2 dinner roll
  • 2 fried shrimp (from my husband's plate!)


  • 1 piece of delicious Angel Food Cake and fresh fruit that my daughter Sara made for me.

When I got home :

  • Toss salad
  • and what we weight watchers call B.L.T's...bites, licks and tastes. I had a case of the munchies...but didn't over do. The scale will tell on Wednesday, though!

My husband and I did go to the gym before we went to Boston for lunch. Hopefully that will help.

The restaurant was wonderful...the scenery spectacular, and we had the best seats (not sure how we got so lucky). There was a sail boat race right outside our window!!

I received some beautiful flowers and a gift card to Red Lobster from my son and daughter-in-law. Sara and Samantha bought me flowers, funky eyeglasses, and a Cuisinart Hand Blender to make smoothies! When it comes to having wonderful children, I hit the 'kid lottery'...I am truly blessed. Thanks for a wonderful Mother's Day!

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