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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cleaned out my closet

Here they they go! These bags are filled with winter clothes that I do not intend to EVER wear again... this time next year I WILL be in a smaller size. So, I bagged up most of my sweaters, turtlenecks, woolen pants...anything 'wintery' in that dreaded XL size and I'm giving it away.

Big Brother/Big Sisters calls periodically to collect clothing for the retail store they have in my area called "Savers". I jumped at the chance to get rid of this clothes. Next winter I will be either A. in a smaller size... or B. very cold and nekked.. so it's definitely motivating to stick with my new eating lifestyle and get a NEW wardrobe next winter. I did keep a few cardigan sweaters and sweatshirts that I can still wear as really warm weather won't hit New England until June!

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