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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday morning ...

I can't believe I'm actually going to say this...but I enjoy going to the gym. (Looking up to make sure the sky isn't going to fall on me for saying that!)

I have gone every day...faithfully for two weeks (except on Easter Sunday...the hours at the gym were cut down and I couldn't get there and still entertain 16 family members.)

I feel my arms getting a little stronger and my legs are sore...all good signs. My clothes is definitely feeling looser and I ordered a pair of size 16 pants from LL Bean. I'm sure they'll be too small..but I will hang them in the bedroom where I can see them until I can actually wear them -- which hopefully will be by early June.

I'm making good use of my new pedometer and the past two days have logged in over 15,000 steps...that's over 5 miles of walking during the course of the day. Yesterday, my husband and I took our dog for a 3+ mile walk...exactly 1 hour and 35 seconds. Dog and I were both tired after that!! Husband...not so much...he's 8 inches taller than me so if he walks at my pace, it isn't much of a workout for him.

I hinted to my daughters that I'd like a Magic Bullet for Mother's day so I can make smoothies. I don't have a blender and really no great need for one or the room to leave it out....but the Magic Bullet would be ideal!

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